Thursday, April 27, 2006

must be the boobs

Finally, I got it right. Kellie sent home, and serenaded with the "Bad Day" remix on her way out. And for the record, the only reason Kat was in the top two is because people were voting for her boobs, not her singing.

That's all for now. I won't be home to watch tv tonight so more to come after I catch up on the rest of the week's tv this weekend.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

worst song theme ever

So in between half innings of baseball I managed to squeeze in American Idol. It's one of the few shows I make a concentrated effort to watch the day it's on, because...well, I have to. That show has completely taken over American society and is talked about so heavily in all channels of communication that I have to watch it on time or hear about it the next day anyway. And with that said:

Kat: I really really do love this girl, but I was serious about people trying to sing Whitney Houston songs this week. It's not cool.
Elliott: I'm a fan. But who let him walk out on stage with his tie all crooked like that?
Kellie: Scary, scary song choice. And she has nobody to play pottery with. Enough said.
Paris: I can't keep up with this girl's hairdo's, much less her singing.
Taylor: Oh man that was boring. Booooooring.
Chris: How perfect was he singing Bryan Adams? EXCELLENT. I'm soo going to be a groupie!!

Random celebrity audience members of the week: Kevin Nealon and Tori Spelling.
My overall review: Greatest Love Songs week SUCKS.
Going home this week: Kellie. I hope.

Oh guess what? Rumor has it that Britney Spears is preggers with child #2. Now THAT'S scary. And a third season of Project Runway this summer! Yay.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

they missed dinner...and bedtime.

Audrey is a sweaty and bloody mess, but somehow manages to stay coherent enough to wuss out on shooting Robocop, while her dad drives himself off a cliff. Tough night for that family.

And WHAT is the deal with Kiefer's insane ability to do incomprehensible things like sneak onto diplomatic air flight luggage compartments?

Also, who is the new guy that appears to be President Dumb Ass' boss? He is the President, how does he have a boss? And how does he has a boss that he allows to tell him to basically kill off his own wife? And no really, where is Aaron?! Is it just me, or are the 24 writers just making this shit up as they go along?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

...and then there were six.

Finally, Ace goes home. That was a long time coming. I had a tiny panic attack though -- Chris and Paris in the bottom three, and Kellie NOT in the bottom three? So wrong. So very, very wrong. Next week brings Andrea Bocelli and the greatest love songs of all time. Gag me. If someone tries to to sing a Whitney Houston song I swear I might vomit. Pickler's next up on the chopping block. Or at least she better be.

At the moment, I can't actually remember what else I watched last night. How weird. Brain cramp.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

what a wonderful world

Okay, first of all, about last week's OC that I just watched last night -- could Seth Cohen possibly be ANY more of a douchebag?

Second agenda item -- new season of My Super Sweet Sixteen. No matter how much I watch this show, I still always find myself utterly stunned and astounded at each new episode. It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly awful these kids are. Such a train wreck, and I can't stop watching.

About 24 -- this show is completely out of control. I can NOT deal with President Dumb Ass. I also couldn't help but think what a shame it was that Audrey's pretty white coat was getting all soaked in blood. Good luck to her dry cleaners with that one. And there was so much drama around him and Secretary Heller and Robocop and the recording that I think people forget about the fact that Aaron has gone missing. Aaron where are you??!

And now, on to the present. Rod Stewart week on AI:

Chris - This is the guy that makes me want to vote. So guess what? I voted! It helps that he wasn't wearing the scary eye makeup he had on last week.
Paris - I swear she is a 40 year old woman in a little person's body.
Taylor - Hmm, Rod Stewart songs actually quite suit him. He SOUNDS like Rod Stewart. Weird.
Elliott - It had to be you. I went from originally thinking this guy was a total chump to loving this kid.
Kellie - I'm mostly just embarrassed for her at how she was acting when rehearsing with Rod. The singing? bleh.
Ace - Uhh, the suit and the hairdo were so distracting I honestly can't remember what he sang. I don't think I enjoyed it very much.
Katharine - She's so good looking I'm not even sure it matters whether or not she can sing. As it happens, she can. She is excellent. But you know, I'm just saying.

Overall, a very good night for mostly all of the contestants. Ace is going home tonight. He must.go.home. and btw, what's with the random "stars" in the audience? Michael Rapaport was my favorite. so random. heh.

Monday, April 17, 2006

it ain't easy being dumb

The guy who plays President Dumb Ass was being interviewed on Fox local news this morning, and I gotta say, he really must be a good actor, because even being interviewed I mistook him as the idiot president. And what was especially weird about the whole thing was that he was being interviewed by Tiki Barber, who was a guest correspondent for the morning on Fox. Bizarre. In any case, he said he didn't find out he was going to be the bad guy until about two weeks before that episode aired. And he sulked for several hours once he found out because he had trouble coming to terms with the fact that he basically had to become the bad guy. heh.

In other news, tonight brings the premire of Celebrity Cooking Showdown on NBC. Another celebrity competition with random stars you don't really care about. It's a "week-long event" but I don't really know what that means. I think maybe it's on every day this week and then it just...ends? Who knows. I'll check it out and report back anything interesting.

To wrap, I'm going to go ahead now and apologize in advance for any blog slacking I experience in the next six months. With baseball season underway, I've somewhat lost control over my tv watching schedule as I am now for the most part slave to the baseball schedule. Bear with me, people!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

we'll keep on fighting til the end...

I'm a slacker this week. I know. Opening week at Yankee Stadium has somewhat thrown me off my game, so bear with me. And as I am now trying to get started on my four day weekend courtesy of being a government employee, I will keep this brief.

I do believe they need to go back to the half hour versions of the AI vote-off episode. Because whatever nonsense is going on during most of the that hour is a waste of everyone's time. All I know is that there is a lot of crying, especially from Paris, not that that is anything new, and then they have the nerve to make ALL of the bottom three sing before they find out if they're going home. That's just MEAN. But it was Queen week, Elliott has totally grown on me and I rather enjoyed his singing this week, so I hope he's not voted off and he's not. It's down to Ace and Bucky, and I'm happy about either of them going home, so bye bye Bucky.

Don't worry kids, I didn't forget about 24. All I really have to say is that the writers are really starting to stretch here -- as much as President Dumb Ass is a Dumb Ass, are we really expected to buy this? The President of the United States in cohorts with the terrorists? 24 is close to jumping the shark with this one. And that's all I have to say about that.

Friday, April 07, 2006

sorry kids

It's been a long crazy insanely hectic week at work and i am so ridiculously behind in tv i don't even want to talk about it. All I've seen this week is 24 -- holy mother of f-ing President Dumb Ass!!! -- and AI. Mandisa and Paris in the bottom 3? wtf? And Mandisa getting sent home? OUTRAGE. Can't even deal. But almost too sleepy and tired to get overly worked up about it at the moment.

I will catch up on both sleep and tv this weekend and get back to you.