Wednesday, May 31, 2006

the price is not right

I was having drinks with co-workers on Tuesday evening at the bar across the street from our office. A raging drunk, yes I am. By the time I got home, tv was not even in my vocabulary. Today I forgot to eat lunch and was rather tired and cranky as a result, so I came straight home after work before I could be lured over to the bar, and plopped on the couch. A Yankees rain delay prompted me to start flipping channels, and I came across the most disturbing thing I've seen on television in a while:

Some totally BIZARRE thing called Gameshow Marathon that had the likes of Lance Bass and Tim Meadows as contestants on the Price is Right, hosted by Ricki Lake?!?! Goodness it was awful. I hope to never see that again. I see they really resort to some tragic tv over the summer.

In other news, I just discovered tonight that Victoria's Secret now has an Asian model!!!?!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

branjelina baby

Shiloh Nouvel Pitt-Jolie. Who will probably someday get to go to school with TomKat baby Suri someday. whatever.

Yeah so anyway, after enjoying a beautiful weekend and gorging on lots of bbq food including what was probably more bacon wrapped shrimp than really necessary (but DAMN was it yummy!), I FINALLY settled in to watch the season finale of 24...and WOW! Super intense. I almost didn't survive. I swear, I must have almost passed out from exhaustion at least 5 or 6 times during this finale.

Hour 1: Kiefer continues to be more of a bad ass than even I can begin to buy into, and I'll buy almost ANYthing that's on tv. He teaches Officer Rooney, who looks like he's about 18 years old, how to kill someone with a pocket knife (that kid is sooo going to need therapy when this day is over). Kiefer gets WAILED in the head with a big wrench and manages not to pass out, but rather takes the opportunity to kill Bierko with the sole use of his legs. Oh, and Robocop TOTALLY got duped. Serves him right for not checking for bullets when Kiefer gave him the gun.

Umm yeah okay, so that was only about half hour in and my heart was already pounding so hard I wasn't sure I'd actually survive the entire finale. But after a quick break (a piece of chocolate cake and a glass of milk), I was off and running again. During the rest of hour 1, crazy Martha recruits Novick to help her help Aaron run away and once again I swear crazy Martha and Aaron were THISCLOSE to making out in the stables. And Crazy Martha is forced to get it on with her crazy husband the dumb ass as a stall tactic. ew. Meanwhile Kiefer convinces Chloe to help him (as if THAT'S hard to do) chase down President Dumb Ass and as part of her undercover work, has her EX-HUSBAND brought in to help? Can I just say...WTF? There's a suspicious time warp here as Chloe requests Morris be brought in, and within 3 minutes, ta-da! There he is.

Hour 2: Crazy Martha and President Dumb Ass engage in a quickie (either that or there is another time warp here, but I think that this is really just a reflection of President Dumb Ass as a lover. heh.) and then Kiefer hijacks the chopper that Logan gets on. Anyone keeping count of how many aircraft Kiefer has hijacked thus far today? In any case, Kiefer's plan is foiled as a SWAT team shows up before Kifer can coax a confession out of Dumb Ass.... OR, maybe Kiefer just wants us all to THINK he's been foiled! Luckily, Dumb Ass is ignorantly convinced that Kiefer has indeed been foiled as he progresses to make his confession to Crazy Martha. Whether or not Crazy Martha was actually aware of this plan is another story, but that's irrelevant. Justice is served.

Okay, now - last ten minutes of the season. I take serious issues with the time warp. 6:50-ish AM in 24-time sets off a sequence that just makes no sense to me. Kiefer is duped into taking a fake phone call from Kim, dragged to goodness knows where to get the CRAP beat out of him and then loaded onto a giant China-bound cargo ship that is way out in the Pacific Ocean by 7am? whatever. Kiefer looking so damn beat up was almost enough to distract me from the time warp issue. damn Chinese people.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Circle

So the plan was to finally watch the season finale of 24 last night. However, I ended up at the bar across the street from our office, drinking with coworkers, again. Raging alcoholics. All of us. By the time I got home, I was too buzzed and tired to be able to muster the energy for a two hours finale. My brain just couldn't handle it, so I watched the series finale of That 70's Show instead and left it at that. Eric and Kelso made brief returns, and when the series ends... it's 1980! awww.

Off to drink and watch baseball and loiter around Yankee Stadium scoping out the crowd. It's FLEET WEEK!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

the biggest season EVER.

Okay, I'll admit it, I caved in and watched pieces of AI between innings of baseball last night. I am guilty. The boycott failed. It's not my fault they kept showing non-stop commercials to advertise "the biggest night on tv." I haven't actually DVRed it since the Chris ousting though, so I only see whatever snippets I happen to see when flipping channels. In any case, I'm not really quite sure what the HELL they were doing for TWO ENTIRE HOURS, but there certainly was a lot of hullabaloo from what I can tell. A big waste of airtime mostly. Pickler playing with snails and lobsters in the company of Wolfgang Puck. Katherine singing a shoddy vocal with Meatloaf accompaniment. Bad awards. Katharine and Taylor getting free cars. Blah! BUT, I DID enjoy Elliott singing U2 - because you couldn't help but be amused with the fact that his is SO NOT Bono but Elliott is just that much fun. And who doesn't love Mary J. Blige? Fox sure did pull out all the stops for this one. Whew, all that and it was still only one hour in.

Hour 2: I could be mistaken, but I do believe they had Toni Braxton singing on stage with Taylor in her lingerie?! And then a girls' medley, where I got seriously tired of listening to Katharine sing. That was the moment I decided I wanted Taylor to win. More bad awards. I'd like to have a word with the producers of this finale. A big ole AI All Star medley. Bad love songs from Katharine and other people. Bucky singing about raindrops falling on his head. Mandissa. Chicken Little singing showtunes. Dionne Warwick! That's what friends are for... okay FINE, I'll admit it, I liked it a little, okay?! The Taylor and Katharine Dirty Dancing Duet was just tragic though. So useless. Sooooo cheesy and awful. And Prince? What the...?

And then... 63.4 million votes later... Taylor Hicks wins it all. And sings his incredibly underwhelming equivalent of A Moment Like This. These finales must make Kelly Clarkson want to barf. He also screams a great deal, and I still have no idea where his "Soul Patrol" moniker came from. Another season, over and done. whew. That was exhausting, even without watching the last few weeks.

So now that all these shows are wrapping up for the season, I'm left wondering what I'll be watching and writing about over the summer. All the B list shows are starting to come out of the woodworks (i.e. another season of So You Think You Can Dance is starting tonight) but I don't know what I should be watching. Suggestions, anyone?

On tap for tonite, the season finale of 24, finally I have time for it! I burned the roof of my mouth on a slice of pizza with super steamy bubbly cheese yesterday and its still hurting today. youch.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the asian people complex

Yankees-Red Sox series is this week, so tv doesn't have a hope. Thursday is an off-day though so I should be able to catch up. I did catch tiny scraps of AI while flipping around between innings of baseball last night, and was pleased to see Daniel Powter performing my favorite song live. I so don't care who wins tonight though.

This is a totally non-tv related story, but I know certain people will get a kick out of this, so I have to share.

The background here is that I am working on a HR project that consists of a team of about 20-25 people. My project manager is this adorable little Korean woman named Min who I would smush up and carry around in my purse with me if I could. She and I are the only two Asian people on the project and in typical ignorant people format, we've got people calling her Cindy and calling me Min. It's brilliant. There was a time when I was a consultant and a certain British partner used to think that Evan and I were the same asian girl. I think he used to confuse me with Karen as well, who is also Chinese, and I'm pretty sure that between the three of us, Tony used to have a field day trying to figure out if we were all the same person.

At least here, people acknowledge that Min and I are two different people, they just can't tell which of us are which. I facilitate a weekly status conference call and this one guy Jason calls me Min without fail every week during the meeting. I don't even bother correcting him anymore. Jason wears suspenders, which in my mind sort of explains the gap in his brain that causes him to think I am Min. This morning another guy Joe went into Min's office to ask her a question thinking that she was me. Classic! To add to the comical nature of my job, there is this Swedish guy that works for Jason named Benny (not short for Benjamin, and not Ben. just Benny) who looks like Dilbert. As in, if they made the Dilbert cartoon into a movie with real people, Benny would the guy you want to cast as Dilbert. God I hope nobody from my job ever finds this blog.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

state of affairs

Not that this is new, but have you people noticed that my tv blog isn't really much of a tv blog anymore? Its a tv/no-tv/sports/drinking/etc. blog. Oh well. I can blog about whatever the heck I feel like blogging about. Case in point, today I would like to talk about the disaster known as the NY Yankees:
- Terrence Long? Seriously, they might as well just put the bat boys in the game at this point.
- Watching the Yankees implode against their opponents night after night after night is kind of like being forced to watch a train wreck. It's a good thing I'm not a bandwagon fan, because otherwise I'd probably be jumping off right about now and running after the Mets bandwagon. RUNNING for dear life.
- When are players going to stop playing the shift against Jason Giambi? They showed the hit numbers, but I'm still not buying that the shift is worth it. Someone needs to sell that one to me.
- Happy to see Posada and his cute dumbo ears back in the lineup. He had me worried after the weekend, thought he was going to end up in the same camp as Sheffield and Matsui. and Chacon. Bubba. Pavano. Sturtze. Torre's neighbor. My dog. Oh wait, I don't have a dog.
- Anyone have any idea what the deal with Andy Phillips is? I'm a fan. Where do I find him?

To keep this at least a semi-tv blog, because I'm sure nobody cares about my sports ramblings:
I watched the season finale of the OC last nite. They totally killed Marissa off the show. I mean, I knew that already from reading about it, but seeing it was... well, kind of weird, because the way she died was kind of pointless. You know why it was pointless? Because I did not buy into that car chase/crash at ALL. I'm really pissed that they expect viewers to buy that. The car was TOTALLY smushed (hope Ryan's mom had time to get insurance on that before giving it to him as a gift), and Ryan didn't have a scratch on him. Neither did Marissa for that matter! And I think I would have been walking away from the car a LITTLE faster (i.e., running, not walking) if I saw gas was leaking and it was about to explode. He didn't even flinch when it exploded! And when did Volchok become the clingy, needy, desperate ex-boyfrined-type anyway. I certainly do NOT believe that Marissa is the type of girl that could turn him into one. She's not that good.

Monday, May 22, 2006

the downside of dvr

I attempted to have a life this weekend instead of staying holed up in front of my tv playing catch-up. And managed to not find out the outcome of any shows I didn't want to find out the outcome of until I watched it. My attempts were for naught as Andrea emailed me this article:

I did indeed identify with the article, but ironically, it ruined the season of finale of the OC for me in the way only the Times can because of what the article was about. yeesh. So I have not yet watched the season finale of OC, even though I now know what the shocker was, and now its like - is it even worth watching? Probably not, but of course I will anyway. It just won't be as fun anymore. It's totally what I get for letting 4 days go by and still not watching the show. To the point of the article, the one saving grace of repeat season coming up after May Sweeps is that I won't have to attempt to balance tv, baseball AND having alife. Just baseball and having a life. My dvr gets a little vacation time. And I can continue to plan my vegas trip and the rest of my summer in peace. good times.

Tonight's debacle is the battle between the 2-hour season finale of 24 and the Yankees-Red Sox series. these are the things that keep me up at night.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


I watched some tv this morning before my daily baseball fix - subway series weekend! Yankees came back from a 0-4 deficit to win in the 11th inning 5-4. Fun stuff.

Anyhoos, I watch Lost this morning, and all I really have to say about that is that Michael is a bad, bad liar. I also watched the season finale of Amazing Race, and what a waste of a season, with the hippies winning. Stupid frat boys. blah!

Going to see Da Vinci Code tonite. I hope it doesn't suck. I'm afraid it might, but seeing Tom Hanks with that silly haircut might just make it worth it anyway.

Friday, May 19, 2006


I've come to the realization that this job is turning me into somewhat of a raging alcoholic. I socialized with coworkers again after work yesterday at the bar across the street from our building; not so much because I necessarily felt like socializing, but because I felt like I needed a drink. So, a beer, and some nachos and onion rings later, I was back on my way home to the tv. The problem now? For some reason, I can't really remember what the heck I watched last night. I must've watched something, because the Yankees played a day game yesterday so there wasn't baseball on, but I just have no idea what.

I remember watching the two episodes of Scrubs that were on this week, but that's it. Surely there was something else, but I can't think of what. brain fart on a friday morning. that and the distraction of planning my vegas trip. sorry kids!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

the nerve gas strikes again

I managed to squish 24 into my schedule last night. I don't know how nobody has noticed that Aaron is locked up in what appears to be either horse stables or a warehouse for the past few hours. Or why Novick didn't think it was strange that President Dumb Ass was lurking around the hallways of said stables/ warehouse. Or why some mafia-like murder was going to take place involving a gun and the trunk of a Lincoln town car. Good thing Martha showed up and played the "First Lady" card to prevent from getting killed herself and saving Aaron from a torturous death. I think Martha and Aaron were THISCLOSE to making out, quite frankly. But in any case, two hours left for Kiefer to figure out how to stop Bierko from launching submarine missles, and a whole lot of them at that. yikes!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

hip hip jorge

I think I lied when I said I'd be back on regular tv watching schedule this week. Monday night threw me off because everything started recording later than usual due to the Presidential Address, so between that and baseball I didn't make much headway other than watching Desperate Housewives from Sunday. Yesterday I was socializing with people from work after I left the office and then watching what turned out to be a super fun very exciting Yankees game that I'm sure nobody but me cares about. But when your team is losing 9-0 in the second inning and then come back to win 14-13 in the bottom of the 9th due to the heroics of Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada, you've got to be pleased. So there. I'm behind in tv. As usual. again. sorry :\

Monday, May 15, 2006

monkey business

I so very much enjoyed watching baseball players swinging pink bats in honor of Mother's Day and breast cancer awareness. Grown men wearing pink wristbands and using pink baseball bats. sweet.

Not an easy task, but I crammed a heck of a lot of tv into this weekend. Rather difficult to recap it all, but in the midst of all my baseball watching and Mother's Day festivities, my thoughts:

24 -- I still kinda don't get how Kiefer's use of electronic devices during the flight didn't cause a crash. And also curious about the wardrobes provided to the CTU clinic patients. I remember Tony had on a t-shirt and sweatpants, Audrey had on what looked to be yoga pants, and Bierko was wearing hospital scrubs. And I am seriously just so over President Dumb Ass. Ugh.

Amazing Race -- oh the joy of crying MoJo being eliminated from the race. And if you must know, the roadblock involving the monkey feast was endlessly entertaining. There is something about lots and lots of monkeys running around all over the place that is fun to watch, espcially when it has an impact on the race. Last season I believe it was camels and llamas. The monkeys were a nice touch this time around.

Lost -- So f-ing creepy. For the record, I almost had myself an anuerysm when Libby starting hacking blood. And Michael, sheesh, what the hell to even do with that guy. Emotionally heartwrenching. And at times just downright bizarre.

What else... oh, both Will & Grace and That 70's Show are ending this week after an eight year run by each. Will & Grace has not been at the top of its game the past few years, but I still always have a soft spot in my heart for it, and so I watched them bid their farewell on Oprah last week. Also watched a 70's Show good-bye special which for some unexplainable reason was heartwrenchingly sad and hilarious all at the same time. good stuff.

I think I'm back on track with tv. Except I hear there is some sort of Presidential Address tonight that is going to throw off the timing of set your DVRs accordingly!

Friday, May 12, 2006


Considering that it's me we're talking about here, it's actually pretty astounding that I have not watched tv all week. I'm sure my dvr is exploding with tv goodness from this week (aside from the AI fiasco). Incidentally, I love the fact that I am slowly but surely accumulating fans, especially ones that are participating in my AI boycott. You guys rock :)

I thought I might try to catch up on some tv tonite, but frankly, I think I have expended my energy quotient for an entire month all in the past few days, so most likely I will be passed out by 9pm. yeah, way to spend a friday night. But hey, I almost pulled a Costanza today and took a nap under my desk, so I think I do need rest. lots of it. But will (hopefully) be caught up on both rest and tv by the end of the weekend. I promise to try to be more productive on the tv front next week.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


I found out within four minutes of waking up this morning that Chris got booted from AI last night. It pretty much proved my theory that AI was indeed one of those shows that you just have to watch the day of, or you are destined to have it ruined for you. I CAN'T BELIEVE CHRIS GOT SENT HOME. I'm officially done with AI for the season. There are so so SO many things wrong with the fact that Chris got sent home that I just have no faith in that show anymore. I neglect it for one f-ing week, and this is what happens. No clue what the hell America was thinking voting for Kat over Chris. So, I will not be watching AI for the reaminder of this season, because I no longer give a rat's ass who wins.

The tragic outcome of this competition is not helping the fact that I have a bad hangover and a next to nothing energy level. I'm freakin tired. And I hurt all over. But somehow need to survive another night before I can have my weekend to recover and catch up on tv.

Due to the unfortunate nature of pop culture's presence in every corner of every single crevice of society, as demonstrated by both my radio and my tv this morning, I'm sure I will be fully informed of what is going on in the next few weeks and who ends of winning, but I just don't care about watching anymore. America has voted, and America has let me down.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

That's CRAZY!

Oh cripes, the hangover! And I didn't even go to the game last nite. I hung out with some co-workers after work, one of which my project manager has deemed as my boyfriend (even though he's married) because I have to spend exorbitant amounts of time talking to him due to work tasks, and another which my project manager has deemed as my BFF (also even though he's married) because we have been attached to the hip due to the exorbitant amounts of time we are forced to work on each other in this project task. It's always funny to go to happy hour with people you work with but haven't known for that long. And strangely enough, even though I've only been there 7 months, there's people who's been there even less months than me! Makes for some funny happy hours. Although I think theoretically, if you are still out drinking at 10pm, it's not happy hour anymore. Technicalities.

What the heck was I getting at there? Oh, the fact that I didn't watch any tv shows last night. Not even AI! I missed Elvis night! Because I was too busy drinking at a bar and watching the yankees lose because we have the most pathetic pitching staff known to major league baseball. Which probably led to my excessive drinking, and I wasn't even at the game! And since I am going tonight, AND tomorrow night, what I am basically saying is that I will be lucky if my liver survives til friday. The more the yankees lose, the more i drink. and given how shitty they are playing...

My tv blog is not much of a tv blog this week. But to my readers (I think there is a total of about four of you guys. maybe five.), please stay tuned! I implore you. The blabbering about nothing will stop soon! It is worth the wait. Okay, maybe not. Shit, am I still drunk? Because I have NO idea what I am blathering about. blah. My head is spinning.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

bubble boy

I recently learned a new word at work: "kerfuffle" -- its a noun, meaning 'a disorderly outburst or tumult.' Synonyms: disturbance, disruption, commotion, flutter, hurly burly, hoo-hah. My project manager has taken to hanging signs on the door to her office. Well, actually the consultant who sits in that office with her hangs the signs. It started with the "No Walk Ins" sign. Then came the "That's CRAZY" sign, which appeared when she said it 8 times in one day, and now that is her trademark phrase. Recently I walked by and there was a new sign that said "Kerfuffles" in a big red circle with a line through it. In other words, "No Kerfuffles Allowed." Why am I telling you this story?

Well, that word is what I'd like to use to describe the insanity known as David Blaine. I've been trying to pay him no attention the past week while he's been pruning away in the bubble, but the publicity garnered by this act of absurdity has made it impossible to ignore. You feel like you're watching a treacherous train wreck unfold before your eyes and as disgusting and gross as it is, you cannot tear your eyes away. And THAT is what last night was during david blaine's crazy stunt. I do believe ABC's "Drowned Alive" title was false advertising. Nine minutes my ass. I bet even Jack Bauer can't hold his breath for that long!! KERFUFFLES!!!

(oh yeah, speaking of Kiefer, I was so disturbed by the time I was done watching the bubble boy kerfuffle that I couldn't even simmer down enough to watch 24. sorry. Baseball overrules for the next few nights, so no 24 probably til the weekend. *gasp* Sacrilege, I know. My apologies.)

Monday, May 08, 2006

jungle fever

Been catching up on some tv this past weekend while being trapped indoors due to my allergy attacks and in case you weren't aware, last week's Lost was CRAZY! I'm personally not so into all the flashbacks, though I realize they play an important role to explain things, such as how everyone knew everyone before the crash, yadda yadda.

But on the island, THAT is where the real fun is. Henry continues to creep me out, and apparently does the same to Ana Lucia, because she proceeds to get it on with Sawyer in the middle of the jungle purely as a decoy to steal his gun and use it to kill Henry. But then she wusses out and hands it over to Michael (stupid stupid move), who has reappeared out of NOWHERE, to do the job for her. But uhh, he seems to have gone a little looney during his spying mission on the Others, and instead of shooting Henry, proceeds to shoot, well, everyone in the hatch OTHER than Henry. I can't decide if this means he's gone crazy from all his jungle adventures, or if he's become one of the Others. Possibly both. It's crazy!

Speaking of crazy, there is this big crazy Red Sox - Yankees series this week, so my tv watching will be somewhat spotty as I'll be busy at the Stadium for the most part. And if I survive, I'll be back at the end of the week. But that's a big If. Stay tuned.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

peace out Princess P

I do not know how I feel about Elliott being in the bottom two this week. I didn't think I had an opinion, but when it comes down to it I really believed Kat would be the one going home, but she wasn't even in the bottom two! What the hell is that all about? I will miss Paris and all her hairstyles.

Tommy Mottola and Elvis Land next week. Oh joy.

And btw, anyone catch Matt Leinart getting punk'd? Hilariously awesome that he was about to totally sell his friend out because he was scared of not getting drafted. HAHA!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

all this for a tape recorder

So FIRST of all, since when does one get cell phone reception in the baggage compartment of an airplane? Or in the main cabin for that matter. Doesn't Kiefer know the rule about turning off all electronic devices during flight? And besides that, you can't POSSIBLY have me believe that it is that easy to go back and forth between the baggage compartment and the main cabin. And even if it WAS, WHY WASN'T the hatch locked IN THE FIRST PLACE??

But I'm glad to see Kiefer has added "hijacker" to his resume. Is there anything he is NOT good at?

This show is getting incredibly absurd. Even for me, who is a sucker for just about everything absurd that comes on tv. But for the record, I'm thrilled to see that Chloe carries a stun gun around with her to ward off creepy guys in bars.

And WHO the hell is the cartoony henchman that President Dumb Ass appears to be taking orders from?! Ohhhh I can't wait to see how he handles his latest orders!!! Yes Mr. President, nobody will think anything is wrong if you ask to have this flight shot down.

rain rain go away

So the Yankees game got rained out in Boston last night. Which is good and bad. Good because that means I got to watch my tv shows after all. But very bad because the postponed game has been rescheduled as a doubleheader when they are in Boston later this year in August. Why is that bad? Because that was going to be a 4-game series in Boston, and now it's going to be a FIVE game series. And that is just scary. Anyhoos, onto AI. I think the "theme" had something to do with singing songs from the year they were born? Maybe? Combined with Billboard hits? I think? I actually have no idea. But in any case, it's two songs apiece, and we've got:

Elliott - Born in 1978, old like me. heh. I do like that he sang a Michael Buble song. Even though he sounds NOTHING like him. It's all good.
Paris - She was born in 1988??! Dude. That is So first she sings Prince. Then she sings Mary J. Blige. I can't even imagine how people DARE to attempt singing something like that, but Paris does, and it's fab. Go figure.
Chris - He looks like he's at least 30 but apparently is a year younger than me. I don't really have any idea exactly what he was singing, but it was super.
Kat - Her singing kinda sucked, well the first song did anyway. She is lucky she's hot.
Taylor - What the hell is the age limit for AI anyway? I swear he's like 40. And I take serious issues with the bizarreness of this guy. But fine, I'll admit that I rather enjoyed the Beatles song, despite myself.

All in all, a very bizarre week, though I can't exactly put my finger on why. Might have something to do with Taylor writhing on the floor at the end of his performance. I have no idea who will go home tonight. Tough choice.

I did also watch 24. But have a meeting soon, so will have to save that for later. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

had a bad day

Okay, this is very very unlike me, but I did NOT watch 24 last night *gasp*
I know, I know, terribly disappointing. But not as disappointing as watching the Yankees bullpen blow it...AGAIN. So mondays are usually the Yankees off day early in the season, which usually allows me to watch 24. However, this particular monday they were not. And theoretically I'd usually be willing to blow off a random April monday game to watch 24. BUT, on this particular monday night, the Yankees were playing the Red Sox. And those games are non-negotiable. AND by the time the game ended at close to 10:30, I was just so agitated with the fact that the Yankees bullpen is completely useless, that I opted out of watching any additional tv, thus leaving 24 unwatched. I swear I could almost hear "Bad Day" playing in the background as Mike Myers gave up the 3-run homerun to David Ortiz. I love that they supposedly acquired Myers for the purpose of dealing with Ortiz, and this is what happens the first time they face each other. As if.

I'm sure nobody wants to hear my commentary about how I was literally laughing out loud every time Johnny Damon came up to bat or made any kind of play in the outfield because he was getting booed so aggressively each time and each time louder than the last and it's all Michael Kay could talk about being the tool that he is, so I'll take a time out here and return on wednesday to my tv shows, since this is only a two game set...yeah that's right, tonight I actually have to make a decision between Red Sox-Yankees baseball or AI. Oh, the drama.